Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a non-profit foundation that rescues street dogs and cats in Bulgaria. 
Foundation No.  175647065  Main Website:

FAQ about Store Policies

Can I make a purchase anywhere in the world?

You can definitely make a purchase anywhere in the world in any currency on our website.  
If you want to view the prices in your own currency, you can go to the top right hand corner of the page, press on the drop down arrow next to currency and choose your country. it will automatically convert the prices to your currency on the shop.

Shipping Costing

Shipping is not included in the price and will be extra to the item cost.
Postage & Packaging is worked out on a flat rate worldwide.

Some items may have free shipping which will be stated.

Store Location

Some of our items are stored in the UK, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

When will my package be delivered? 

Orders are typically shipped out within 7 business days after payments have been cleared in our bank. 

Packages typically arrive within 1 to 4 weeks of order date, but may take up to 6 weeks depending on Customs handling and holidays.  Please email if you have any questions on delivery.

What payment methods do you accept? 

You can pay by using PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque/Money Order


You can pay through your credit card or bank account by using Paypal in our checkout system. 

Bank Transfer / Direct Deposit

For Bank Transfers, please make payment to either our Bulgarian, UK or Dutch Bank accounts from your bank, and then email to confirm you have done so. Please input in the reference the order number when making payment

Bulgarian Bank account:
Bank: DSK Bank
Account Name: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bank
Bank Address: 4960, 4960 Rudozem, 11 Han Asparuh Str, Bulgaria
IBAN BG55STSA93000016929092
(Can donate in any currency as it will be converted to Bulgarian Levs)

UK Bank Account
Bank: The Co-operative Bank
Account Name: RSDR Adopt
Sort Code: 089299
Account Number: 65668283
Currency in Pounds

Please Note: If you are making payment outside of the above countries, your bank might charge you an international bank transfer fee. 

Once monies have been received and cleared in our bank, your item will be shipped.

Cheque / Money Order

We do accept payments by cheque or Money Order to our UK bank only in the currency pounds.
If outside of the UK, please ensure your cheque or money order is an "International Cheque or Money Order", which you can get issued from your bank or post office.

Please email for UK Postal address with your Order Number. 
You will be asked to post copy of your order with your cheque or money order.

Where do the funds from my purchase go towards?

All proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Foundation, to help with the care & adoptions of Street Dogs and to implement the education of Animal Welfare in Bulgaria.  Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a non-profit foundation that rescues street dogs in Bulgaria.  Foundation No. 175647065

Vaccination / Neutering donations to RSDR: 

Once you have donated for a vaccination or neutering of a dog/cat.  The dog/cat will be displayed as "out of stock".

Please note for donations for vaccination/neutering.  The delivery address on the shop system will still show as your own address. Please do not be alarmed about this. This is a donation to RSDR for these areas.  Please just put in your own address.  It will not be sent to your address.